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Good Times

Welcome to Tyler's Treats, we've taken the art of infusing rosin into gummies to a whole new high! We believe that life is better when you're laughing, our mission is to make your day a bit brighter, your smile a bit wider, and your adventures a lot more fun – one gummy at a time!

(Baked, Not Stirred)

Our Origin Story

Picture this: two friends sitting around, debating the greatest question of all time - "What's the best way to enjoy cannabis?" After much scientific exploration, they decided it was time to create the ultimate rosin-infused gummy. Thus, Tyler's Treats was born!

Our founders may not have discovered the meaning of life that day, but they did discover the recipe for quality, wallet-friendly gummies. The duo that's been seasoned with over 20 years of expertise, we’re not your ordinary cannabis brand.

Tyler's Treats Blue Raspberry and Watermelon Grapefruit poackages
purple weed

(We Swear, No Gummy Bears Were Harmed)

Quality Control

Why should premium quality come with a premium price tag? Our gummies are not just infused with rosin; they're infused with our undying commitment to quality and a dash of pure mischief. We take our ingredients seriously, making sure every gummy delivers a consistent and memorable experience.


May Cause Laughter

Tyler's Treats: Where good times come naturally, and laughter is the best side effect.

Remember, our gummies are for adults only, so enjoy responsibly and share the smiles with friends!

Tyler's Treats

Tyler's Treats

Our commitment to constant improvement drives us to enhance our brand and expand our range of products and flavors. Explore our full product lineup right here.

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